SALE - The Creed - Group Reading Guide

SALE - The Creed - Group Reading Guide

An exciting and engaging group reading guide that helps adult Catholics explore topics, shedding light on foundational aspects of the faith.

Product code :854672

ISBN :9781627854672

Author :Timothy O'Malley

Publisher :Twenty-Third Publications

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Group Reading Guide

“I believe…” Every Sunday we recite the doctrines that are the foundation of our faith. But there’s much more to the Creed than that, says Timothy O’Malley: beneath all the formal language beats the heart of a powerful love story—the story of God’s immense love for us.

Step by step in these six small-group sessions, O’Malley shows us how the Creed reveals this love story and what its phrases really mean in our lives. He provides an engaging plan for deeper understanding that’s ideal for parish groups and anyone who wants to contemplate the Creed and let it lead them more deeply into God’s love.

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32 pages | 5.5" x 8.5"

Author: Timothy O'Malley