SALE - The Complete Guide to Becoming a Creative Catechist

SALE - The Complete Guide to Becoming a Creative Catechist

The original edition and 1991 revision of Creative Catechist have proven helpful to thousands of catechists and Catholic school teachers. Creativity is rooted in basic principles and expresses itself in a variety of practical ways. So, Creative Catechist is a blending of sound catechetical principles and a wide variety of practical catechetical skills and activities.

Product code :857215

ISBN :9781627857215

Author :Janaan Manternach and Carol Pfeiffer

Publisher :Twenty-Third Publications

Type :Books

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This newly updated classic is a must-have for every catechist! Based in the wisdom of recent church documents on faith formation as well as in current catechetical theory and practice, this revised guide is a support and affirmation for experienced and new catechists alike. The real-life suggestions are practical, realistic, user-friendly, and rooted in discipleship. Written for both individual and group use, the discussion questions and suggested creative exercises are time tested and needed more than ever in today’s church.

144 pages

6” x 9” 

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