Living with Christ PLUS 2 YEAR Subscription

Living with Christ PLUS 2 YEAR Subscription

Subscribe today and you will receive Advent and Lent booklets. Celebrate the holy seasons of Advent and Lent with daily reflections, practices and prayers!* This exceptional offer is valid for new subscriptions only, or to extend an existing subscription. 

Dear subscriber, please note that you will receive the first issue of your subscription in 8 weeks.

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Keep your EYES, EARS, and HEART open to God’s message in the
liturgy every day!  

Each monthly edition features:

  • COMPLETE Scripture readings for daily and Sunday Masses (U.S. Lectionary
  • Daily reflections on the readings
  • Key to the Word, quick aids to understanding the Scripture
  • Bright, color-coded Liturgical Calendar
  • A prayer from the Saints every day
  • Resources for morning and evening prayer
  • Additional faith-filled articles by award-winning contributors


      Whether in church or at home, Living with Christ is ready to guide you through the prayers and readings of the Mass each day, ready to encourage and console you in hard times, ready to inspire you and ennoble your spirit as you go through your day.

      2 year subscription  •  Includes the Holy Week issue

      You will receive the first magazine in 8 weeks.

      *Offer only valid for U.S. customers.

      To contact us please email at or call 1-800-214-3386.