God: Discovering the Divine - Henri Nouwen and the Art of Living

God: Discovering the Divine - Henri Nouwen and the Art of Living

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Author :Chris Pritchett and Marjorie Thompson's

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Henri Nouwen and the Art of Living Anniversary Collection

Release date for the Nouwen Art of Living Collection is April 1, 2021. Stay tuned for additional announcements for special events commemorating this anniversary year.

As we seek to know and experience God in our lives, Nouwen offers insight and direction for the ultimate discovery.

Finding God is fundamental to our nature as Christians in this world, so it is no wonder that Henri Nouwen reflects in his works on where God can be found and how God finds us. Nouwen’s search for God weaves throughout his writing, ending at the cross. Author Chris Pritchett invites us to join him in his personal journey discovering the divine, while guiding us through Nouwen’s writings on how we can draw closer to God in Jesus in our own lives.

Equally suited individual reading or group study, each chapter includes action prompts and questions for reflection and/or discussion.

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