Confirmation Conversations: What Parents and Teens Need to Know

Confirmation Conversations: What Parents and Teens Need to Know

A wonderful resource for teens and their parents to help understand and explain the significance of confirmation preparation. This is a wonderful starter for open and honest conversations with your teens.

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ISBN :9781627854795

Author :Connie Clark

Publisher :Twenty-Third Publications

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Help parents understand the significance of confirmation preparation—both for their children and themselves. Here parents will find strategies for open, honest conversations about everything from service projects and saint names to why their kids have to be in a confirmation program in the first place. Here, too, are ways to deal with objections and doubts. Fully affirming the role of the parish in confirmation preparation, this booklet gently reminds parents of their responsibilities as role models in discipleship, while inviting them into deeper reflection about their own faith journey. Perfect to share with families who are beginning a confirmation prep program--as a reminder of their vital role in God’s plan.

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5.5” x 8.5”, 32 pages