Called to Be a Catechist


Diverse group of four children and their female teacher featured in a photo with educational books and Called to be Catechist logo.

Empower Your Catechetical Journey with the Called to Be a Catechist Series!

As a catechist, your responsibility of shaping the faith of the next generation is a noble one, and the Called to Be a Catechist Series is here to support you on your journey. Whether you're a seasoned catechist or just starting out, this comprehensive resource offers information, guidance, and inspiration that will help you become more capable and confident in your role.

The Called to Be a Catechist Series is designed specifically to meet the needs of catechists and provide them with the tools they need to effectively pass on the faith. With its wealth of knowledge, practical tips, and inspiring insights, this series will help you enhance your catechetical skills and ensure that you are equipped to effectively impart the teachings of the Catholic Church to the next generation.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your catechetical ministry to the next level. Invest in yourself and your ministry with the Called to Be a Catechist Series, and experience the transformation that comes with being empowered and equipped to share your faith with others.

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