Walking in Faith : 30 Days with Pope Benedict XVI (Individual version)

Walking in Faith : 30 Days with Pope Benedict XVI (Individual version)

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Throughout this papacy, Pope Benedict XVI, promised to continue Pope John Paul II’s legacy of reaching out to young people with compassion and care. In this e-booklet you will find words from Pope Benedict that illustrate his desire to draw all people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here, he invites us to embrace Christ in a special way. He extols the virtue of faith and urges you to embrace the faith in all its fullness. He does not promise that this is easy, far from it, but he assures you that you will have the power of the resurrection of Christ behind you as your support and inspiration. In addition to Pope Benedict’s teachings, each of these pages also offers a related Scripture passage, a prayer, and an action that fits with each theme. May you walk in faith.

32 pages

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