Threshold Bible Study: Eucharist

Threshold Bible Study: Eucharist

Threshold Bible Study is an exciting, informative, inspiring, dynamic, and life-changing way to learn about the Bible. It is a thematic Scripture study program designed for both personal study and group discussion. Each study is presented in a workbook format, designed for reading, reflecting, writing, discussing, and praying.

Product code :953571

ISBN :9781585953578

Author :Stephen J. Binz

Publisher :Twenty-Third Publications

Type :Books

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You are invited here to explore the biblical springs of the Eucharist. Through this exploration, you will enrich your understanding of this sacrament and deepen your appreciation of the great gift it is. Through texts from the Old Testament, the gospels, and New Testament letters, you will discover that the Eucharist unites the prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of our lives as an offering in union with Christ. Through meditation on these texts, you will learn to cultivate a eucharistic life of prayer and active commitment in the world.

Author: Stephen J. Binz

6" x 9"  |  144 pages

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