Present-Moment Prayer for Catechists

Present-Moment Prayer for Catechists

Discover practical suggestions, words, and wisdom from Pope Francis to support catechists on their journey to integrate ministry with prayer life. A perfect gift for the catechist in your life.

Product code :854368

ISBN :9781627854368

Author :Janet Schaeffler, OP

Publisher :Twenty-Third Publications

Type :Booklets

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Even the most prayerful catechists can use some inspiration to support and strengthen their ministry and spiritual growth. This inspiring booklet is like a series of mini retreats to help catechists find new ways to integrate ministry with their prayer life. In each brief chapter, Janet Schaeffler places the words and wisdom of Pope Francis into context for catechists, to help them find new opportunities for prayer and reflection, and discover practical suggestions for their ministry and daily life. A wonderful gift for beginning or veteran catechists to help them integrate the two realities of prayer and action as they go about their work of building God’s kingdom.

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32 pages | 5.5” x 8.5” |  Janet Schaeffler, OP