My Mass Workbook Journal: Preparing for Confirmation

My Mass Workbook Journal: Preparing for Confirmation

To help you prepare for confirmation, this book helps you see Mass with new eyes. With spaces to jot down your thoughts, or questions, it's packed with quotes, explanations, and projects that will challenge you to think! Don't be surprised if, after reading it, you start to see Mass and yourself differently.

Product code :958429

ISBN :9781585958429

Author :Felicia Navarro

Publisher :Twenty-Third Publications

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Every week God gives you an incredible gift. Something you can see, touch, hear, and taste. It's the Mass, and you are especially invited. As you prepare for confirmation, God invites you to experience this gift more deeply.

This little book can help. Inside, you'll find ways to see the Mass with new eyes so you can discover its hidden meaning for your own life. Take it to Mass with you. Afterwards, use it to write down your thoughts and things you notice on the weekly journal pages.

But don't stop there, because this little book is packed with even more support: quotes from holy people to inspire you; explanations about the Mass and your Catholic faith (that actually make sense); and most important, Search Projects that challenge you to think about what you've learned and how it applies to your life. As you work through this book, don't be surprised if you see your Catholic faith differently. And don't be surprised if you see yourself differently. That's the beauty of the Mass, and the beauty of My Weekly Mass Journal.

Author: Felicia Navarro

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