April 2020 Exploring the Sunday Readings Digital Edition

April 2020 Exploring the Sunday Readings Digital Edition

Here's an indispensable and economical way to break open the Word in your parish. Order Exploring the Sunday Readings for your leadership team, DRE and catechists, parish ministers, RCIA sponsors, catechumens, and candidates, Scripture study groups, and all who want a thorough and spiritual preparation for Sunday liturgy.

Product code :ESR0420DC

Publisher :Bayard

Type :E-Book

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Digital edition of April Exploring the Sunday Readings.

Exploring the Sunday Readings helps to prepare for Liturgy and your homilies, and to pray with the Scripture. This bestselling publication offers engaging reflections on all three readings, practical understanding of how the Bible works, insightful questions and prayers to help you and your family and funny stuff included at no extra charge.

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Also available in Spanish.