Good and Generous God...Catholic Prayers for All Occasions

Good and Generous God...Catholic Prayers for All Occasions

Where do you look when you need a prayer for insomnia? For a divorced Catholic? For a parish minister? What about a prayer after a natural disaster? Or a miscarriage? Here you will find beautiful, meaningful prayers for all the people of your parish.

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ISBN :9781627857109

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“Do you have a prayer for…?” In Fr. Hillier’s beautiful new book, you will find prayers for the people of your parish and for practically every need, occupation, and circumstance. Here are prayers for altar servers and athletes; for police officers and world leaders; for hospital stays and the first day of school; for fighting cancer and for peace in the world. Here are prayers for the everyday and the monumental, for times of difficulty and transition. Each prayer is perfectly suited for public liturgies, parish meetings, and church bulletins, or simply for private devotion.

128 pages

5.5" x 8.5"

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