My First Little Eucharistic Adoration Booklet

My First Little Eucharistic Adoration Booklet

Lay a beautiful groundwork with this “small steps” approach to the practice of Eucharistic contemplation and adoration for young children.

Product code :857420

ISBN :9781627857420

Author :Connie Clark

Publisher :Twenty-Third Publications

Type :Booklets

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Created with an understanding of today’s realities for children, this kid-sized eucharistic contemplation booklet is filled with activities, prayers, and practices to introduce the reverent practices of listening, reflecting, respecting, and adoring. Using traditional and even some nontraditional practices such as coloring and brief stories, this booklet is perfectly suited for use in any Catholic school, home, or parish setting—to help build lifelong devotion to the practice of eucharistic adoration.

24 pages

5.5” x 8.5” 

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