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Empower Your Catechetical and Religious Teaching with Essential Resources!

Stay organized and inspired all year long with our 2023-2024 Handbook and Planning Guide for catechists and religion teachers. This easy-to-use tool and reference guide is relied on year after year by thousands of catechists and teachers, helping them prepare for their mission each week with ease.

Enhance your classroom experience with our 2023-2024 Liturgical Calendar, available in English and Spanish. The classroom version features English on one side and Spanish on the other, along with a comprehensive guide in both languages. For home use, the family "refrigerator calendar" provides simple and effective tips for exploring the Sunday Gospels and using the calendar throughout the year. The calendar is available in packets of 25 in both English and Spanish.

Get ready to take your catechetical and religious teaching to the next level with our essential resources. Stay organized, inspired, and equipped to impart the teachings of the Catholic Church to the next generation.

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