The Mass Box for Advent

The Mass Box for Advent

Featuring daily, weekly, and monthly activities this Advent box is the perfect way to prepare children ages 4-8 for this season of Advent!  With stories, prayers, activities and crafts, every day will be an exciting one.  Be sure to orders yours quickly, as we always sell out fast!

Product code :MASSA19

Publisher :Creative Communications for the Parish

Type :Set

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Spend the season of Advent preparing your family for Christmas!

This Super Box for Advent 2019 is jam packed with materials for kids aged 4-8 from The Mass Box, Living Faith Kids, and SuperBook. It features Advent daily, weekly, and monthly materials! You'll make your own full-sized beeswax Advent candles, follow through Advent with an Advent calendar and daily prayer/activity book, watch the animated story of the first Christmas, and make SIX more crafts. Each craft comes with a companion webisode, discussion questions, and extra online content.

The total box value, if you were to go shop on your own (forget your time spent finding everything!) is over $70 per child! Order early as we expect to sell out. Boxes cover materials for the whole month of December, including Christmas and the Feast of the Holy Family.

Orders ship beginning November 22. USA only.