Single Issue of La Fe Viva Jul/Aug/Sep 2020

Single Issue of La Fe Viva Jul/Aug/Sep 2020

La Fe Viva is a guaranteed source of daily inspiration for Spanish-speaking Catholics. Why? Because the Holy Spirit never fails to reach out to us as we pray and meditate with Scripture. La Fe Viva makes that daily encounter simple and convenient. By reflecting on and responding to what God is saying to us right now, our hearts are opened to a deeper faith and greater joy.

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La Fe Viva provides brief daily Catholic devotions in Spanish, based on one of the Mass readings of the day. La Fe Viva writers include such well-known Catholic authors as Amy Welborn, Sr. Joyce Rupp and Msgr. Stephen Rossetti.          

This is not a subscription. By placing an order you will be receiving the Jul/Aug/Sep 2020 issue of La Fe Viva.