How to Talk to Children About People with Disabilities

How to Talk to Children About People with Disabilities

This easy-to-read booklet provides parents, teachers, and catechists with terminology related to a young child's experience as well as family activities to stimulate further conversation and comprehension.

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ISBN :9781627854306

Author :Charleen Katra

Publisher :Twenty-Third Publications

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This booklet guides parents and catechists to help children learn how the words we use, the looks we give, the food, clothing, and shelter we share are all important in reaching out to others, especially the most vulnerable among us. As disciples of Jesus Christ we want to speak, act, and love in ways that honor the dignity of all human life. This booklet offers ideas, prayers, and strategies to expand our horizons to include all God’s children.

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Author: Charleen Katra

24 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”