Enriching Faith: Prayers and Activities on Service

Enriching Faith: Prayers and Activities on Service

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We want to teach children compassion, but coming up with doable service activities for them can sometimes be a challenge. That s where this book comes in. You ll find a wide variety of activities for groups of any size, age, or ability all designed to help children make Christian service a way of life: Community outreach projects perfectly suited for children. Hands-on classroom learning experiences. Joy-filled prayers that speak directly to children s hearts. Each lesson plan includes easy instructions, ways to connect to your curriculum, and creative ideas to extend learning beyond the classroom. Keep it handy to enrich lessons on Jesus teachings, the saints, feast days, and more. With this easy-to-use resource you re sure to find plenty of service activities to fit into any faith formation program, whether it s parish, school, or home-based to help children become caring and compassionate followers of Christ.