Come Follow Me Coloring Book for Lent and Easter

Come Follow Me Coloring Book for Lent and Easter

When completed, the booklet will serve children well as a participation aid, one they have made themselves! Published with the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Product code :CFK

Author :Living Faith Kids

Publisher :Creative Communications for the Parish

Type :Booklets

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Jesus called his first disciples with a very simple invitation. “Come, Follow Me,” Jesus said, and those faithful fishermen dropped their nets to go where Jesus led. We receive the same invitation each day as Jesus tells us, “Take up our cross and follow!” The devotions in this Lenten coloring book help children to hear and respond to that call. So, with crosses (and crayons or markers) in hand, children discover that they are disciples, called to follow Jesus each day of Lent and throughout their whole lives.