SALE - 5 Things With Father Bill: Hope, Humor, and Help for the Soul

SALE - 5 Things With Father Bill: Hope, Humor, and Help for the Soul

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For almost a decade, popular priest and YouTube personality Fr. Bill Byrne wrote a column titled "5 Things" for his local church newspaper featuring five life hacks, prayer starters, or spiritual meditations help readers grow closer to God and appreciate the small - but vital - things in life. Now, in a practical and engaging guide to embarking happiness, 5 Things with Father bill features fifty topics to enhance ordinary days and holidays with insights, reflections, and encouragement.

Filled with wisdom and whimsy, readers will learn:

  • Ways to conquer fear
  • How to be genius
  • The power for blessings and prayers
  • Saints to emulate
  • Tips for Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas, and even lessons from Maggie, Fr. Bill's pet Labrador retriever
  • Witty and endearing with hands-on, real world advice, 5 Things with Father Bill makes the perfect gift for readers looking for a burst of inspiration and a dose of good cheer.

About the Author: Father William (Bill) Byrne is a native of Washington, D.C. for 8 years he was the Pastor of St. Peter's on capitol Hill, developing and providing a special ministry for Catholic members of Congress. Currently, Fr. Bill is now pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Potomac, MD. In 2016 Pope Francis named Fr. Byrne a Missionary of Mercy for the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Videos of his popular 5 Things series can be found on YouTube.