2020-2021 Catholic Jr High/High School Student Good News Planner

2020-2021 Catholic Jr High/High School Student Good News Planner

Product code :ZSE20

ISBN :978-16827-9320-6

Publisher :Creative Communications

Type :Planners

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We are here to help make it easier to get the best planners in the hands of your students!

Orders shipped by 8/30/2020 qualify for 15% savings on shipping and extended payment terms.  Call 800-325-9414 to redeem offer (phone orders only).

Early Bird Pricing extended until October 30th!

  Good News Planner pricing is assortable to mix-and-match grade levels for best pricing. Dated product is not returnable. 

Good News Planners ordered on the website ship immediately to allow for teacher planning for the upcoming school year. For other arrangements, please call 800-325-9414.

The Good News planner doubles as a full-featured assignment book as well as resource to instruct the Catholic Faith.

We designed it to structure your students' school week around the study of scripture as they keep track of their daily academic coursework and activities.


Students use the spaces however they choose to keep track of their daily and long-term work.

(Ideal for block schedules)

  • Planner theme for 2020-2021 In Christ, I Can (Philippians 4:13)
  • 128 full-sized pages in full color
  • Full 12 month calendar and 10 study resource pages
  • Customized covers and handbook pages available. Call 800-325-9414 ext 164 for cover prices.
  • Smaller size
  • Uses NIV version of the Bible