10 Pack: Heavenly Peace

10 Pack: Heavenly Peace

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Perfect Gift for Small Groups or Outreach for Neighbors & Friends

Find rest in daily reflections leading hearts and minds to the one true Prince of Peace.

In some ways Advent can be anything but peaceful. The stress of the season is all around us. It can be increasingly difficult to find peace—peace while out in public, peace in the media, even peace in our homes can be elusive. But, as people of faith, we know that we do not seek peace in vain. Advent invites us to prepare for the coming of the peace of Christ. With Scripture and prayer for each day of Advent, this devotional booklet by Sarah Thomas-Tracy, Heavenly Peace, will accompany you as you travel through Advent and continue on, all the way to the manger and the celebration of Christmas.

Cheaper than a greeting card, each 32 page booklet fits in a 4x6 envelope to send some Christmas cheer or use as an add-on gift for church. Perfect for sharing with neighbors, friends, family, teachers, church staff or volunteers. (3-7/8"x 5-1/2") 10 per pack.