Stay Organized and be Inspired all Year Long!

2022-2023 Handbook and Planning Guide

Prepare for your mission each week with this easy-to-use organizational tool and reference guide for catechists and religion teachers. Year after year, thousands of catechists and teachers rely on this easy-to-use planning,

2022-2023 Liturgical Calendar for the home and classroom

The classroom version is in English on one side and Spanish on the other and comes with a complete guide – also in English and Spanish.

For home use this family “refrigerator calendar” provides simple and effective tips for using the calendar, and exploring the Sunday Gospels in the family home all year long. It’s available in packets of 25, in English and Spanish.


10 Key Questions (And Answers) on the New Directory for Catechesis
Calming Meditations for Busy Catechists
Meet the Kids in the Bible: Activities, Prayers and Virtues to Follow in Their Footsteps
Catechists Awake!: 10 Minute Reflections, Prayers and Takeaways for a GREAT Faith-Sharing Ministry
Planning for Restored Order: Reconciliation and Eucharist for Older Children
Planning for the Catechumenate for Children: Tips and Advice for a Successful Program
SALE The Role of the Catechist – Inspiration and Professional Growth
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